Feeding Laramie Valley/Action Resources International

Feeding Laramie Valley (FLV) is committed to working toward creating a sustainable and equitable food system, and promoting food security throughout the Rocky Mountain Region—especially here in Albany County in Southeast Wyoming, the community we call home.

Since our founding in 2009, we work to fulfill our mission through increased food production, access, distribution, and educational efforts that encourage community-led food sovereignty. Feeding Laramie Valley grows our own fruits and vegetables, mentors and supports backyard gardeners, develops and helps with management of community gardens, and is deeply committed to partnerships with independent farmers. We share high-quality produce with individuals and families who need it, at no charge to them, with a special focus on elders, children and people living with disabilities and chronic illness. Every summer, we offer Kids Out to Lunch, a free summer lunch and activities program for all children up to the age of 18.

Feeding Laramie Valley is an award-winning organization that has been deeply involved in community-led food systems projects across Wyoming, the Rocky Mountain Region and the entire United States, contributing to work that celebrates diversity and promotes collaboration, including partnering in several community-based action research projects with community leaders, the University of Wyoming and Cornell University.